We have the best prices available on Seymour Duncan® pickups.

AxeGuardz® are now available with Seymour Duncan® pickups. We offer the best prices available anywhere. As and OEM Dealer your new pickups will come pre-mounted and ready to splice into your existing wiring. 

Upgrade your sound with the best pickups available combined with the AxeGuardz® patented shielding technology. You’ll hear the difference!

Cleaner Sound. Better Tone.

Authorized OEM Dealer

Knowledge Base

You're an Authorized Dealer?

Yes. We work directly with Seymour Duncan® as an Authorized OEM Dealer.

What pickups are available

All Seymour Duncan® pickups are available. There’s so many great ones to choose from and we’re not sure exactly what sound you’re looking for which is why we ask you to contact us below with your request. We’ll get right back to you with pricing and timing.

We’re working on putting together some “best seller” kits that will be available in the shop and can be added directly to your cart. Stay tuned…

Why no retail packaging

As an OEM Dealer pickups come installed on your guard before shipping. You’ll just need to splice in your wiring (either do-it-yourself or have a shop do it) and you’re ready to go. All the pickup hardware is new.

Installation and wiring info

Once you receive your new guard you can view installation and wiring guides here:


Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with pricing and further details.