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AxeGuardz® Shielding Pickguards are an advanced functional re-design of today’s outdated pickguard providing a much needed solution to the now common electrical interference problems experienced by today’s guitar players.

With proven technology that provides needed benefits for the increased airborne EMI & RFI noise levels of today, this patented layered composite “capacitor” design replaces a sixty-year-old plastic pickguard which no longer provides the shielding protection needed in today’s hi-tech world.


  • Full Dual-Layer Shielding
  • Reduced EMI Airborne Interference
  • Complete Assembly Grounding
  • Superior Acoustical Properties
  • Lightweight, Aesthetic 3-ply Design
  • Noticeably Cleaner Sound


  • Two .012″ Aluminum Shields
  • Non-Conductive Polyethylene Core
  • Thermal-Bonded Construction
  • 4 Polymer Coated Finishes
  • CNC Machined For Precision Fit
  • Standard 3mm Overall Thickness


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AxeGuardz® Shielding Pickguards are currently available in 4 finishes for Fender® Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars. Improve the sound and overall build quality of your guitar…Order Today!
(more models coming soon)

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